Embroidery can be added to suede fabric covered furniture items. If you wish to add embroidery to your furniture item please make note of the font style and embroidery colour so that they can be selected during the checkout process. There are two font styles available, font 1 is a plain text font where font 2 has a fancy curl added to some of the letter within the child's name.

Also be aware that the embroidery colour should be a contrast colour to the suede fabric colour you are requesting for your item. This will ensure that the embroidery will stand out on the furniture piece. If you are not sure of the colour to select please feel free to contact us with your selection as we have years of experience with these types of issues and will be able to offer advice to assist you in your selection.

Please also be aware that different browser settings and screen resolutions can slightly change the actual colour of the embroidery. Please click the images below to see a larger version of the image.



  • Bubblegum-Pink
  • Cantelepo
  • Crystal-Lake
  • Fuchsia
  • Gentle-Blush
  • Pure-White
  • Teddybear-Brown
  • White
  • bug-primrose
  • butterfly-almond-cream
  • candy-apple
  • dark-chocolate
  • hunter-orange
  • key-lime
  • kiwi-lime
  • mint-green
  • passion-pink
  • plane-iceberg-blue
  • pure-purple
  • star-sunshine-yellow
  • teal-blue